Inspired by the French terroir.

Source Vodka and Source Gin represent a coming together of spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue and wheat from the best terroirs that France has to offer.

The secrets of Source

Spring water

The purity of a gin or vodka goes hand-in-hand with the purity of its water. Source Vodka is made from spring water taken from the chasm of Gensac-La-Pallue.

100% natural ingredients

Source Vodka and Source Gin use top-quality French wheat. To enhance their purity and authenticity, our cellar master has also selected a deliberately rigorous list of 100% natural botanicals, with vine peach, juniper and ginger taking the lead.

Five distillations

Source Vodka and Source Gin are born of expertise from the house of H. Mounier, which has been creating eaux-de-vie since the 19th century.  For Source, the cellar master aimed to create a white alcohol that is smooth yet fresh, rounded and lingering. This requires a process of five successive distillations and reductions plus a stabilisation period of ten days.

Mickael Bouilly

cellar master

« We wanted to highlight the purity of our ingredients, enhance the impression of roundness, without any burning alcohol. Source offers real aromatic freshness on the palate: mint and citrus for the vodka, and vine peach, ginger and juniper for the gin. »