We are delighted to present these brands and establishments that share our values.
Hardy Cognac Site   Facebook   Instagram
A British gentleman, Anthony Hardy, founded Hardy cognac in 1863. Five generations later, the house of Hardy is still recognized for its premium quality cognacs and a smooth, lightly-oaked taste.
Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac Site   Facebook   Instagram
In 1947, the Prince Hubert de Polignac, heir to a great French aristocratic family and moved by a strong desire of conquest, linked his destiny to H. Mounier. He is the symbol of French savoir-vivre. Voluptuous and harmonious, the Polignac style, conceived by the Prince, will last forever.
Reynac, pineau des Charentes Site   Facebook
The number one Pineau des Charentes brand combines Cognac with grape juice using a 16th-century method. Its secret? Its roundness, its freshness and the particular care and attention paid to the aging process in oak barrels.
Pisciculture du MoulinSite
Yann Lafond breeds trout and sturgeon at a small-scale, environmentally-friendly, high-quality fish farm. His fish enjoy the pure waters of the chasm of Gensac, the same water that makes our gin and vodka so special. So enjoying Source Vodka with caviar made by Yann Lafond is an obvious step...